once burned… part 2

Yesterday I shared about an exchange I had with an old friend who found me on facebook. You can see my letter to her here. I promised to share her reply today, and here it is. She interspersed parts of my letter to her, and I left that intact to make it all a bit easier to follow.

I guess I also needed time to respond, with Love.

(from my letter) “I pondered for some time how much to share with you before writing back. I know first-hand the joy of being a new Christian — the worship, the fire, the brightness in my fellow Christian’s eyes and hearts, the leap in my own, the wonder at submitting to a King who loves me so much He was willing to give up His own life, the deep and awesome sense of belonging….”

Mindy, I know first hand…..and so did you, I am sorry for the experience you had. You chose what made you happy in spite of knowing the Lord’s word. The rejection and excruciating pain is exactly what is promised when you live against the word of God.

It’s not about the church, the Sr. Pastor, the people, me or anyone. It’s the word of God and Jesus who you will need to answer to.

(from my letter) “…and it shines a light into the dark corners of Christiandom, where murky motives and pretense and ego thrive. In the end, I decided to share it, to not protect you.”

Mindy many things in this world hide behind murky motives and pretense etc. That’s the devil! Not everyone in church live Christian lives you know that, it’s like an AA meeting, you bar hop to find the perfect bar to drink at, and if you don’t like the first few bars you don’t quit drinking.

BUT there are people that go into a meeting and hate it and never come back to AA because they say AA are a bunch of nuts.

My point simply: where murky motives and pretense and ego thrive? Depends on where you’re looking and who you are looking to please.

I choose to please the Lord.

I am happy, at peace, the Devil is as cunning as Alcohol is to me ALWAYS there lurking.

So no worries your story did not tarnish me it just validated what I have been learning and where to keep my focus.

The last 3 years, living in the word of God, being a Believer has taught me so much…HIS Blessings are EVERYWHERE!!!! It’s not about a church or a pastor or a group of people, etc. It’s about the Word of God.

He will NEVER reject you or cause you excruciating pain.

(from my letter) “Do you know, fully, the theology of those who’s sermons you listen to?”


We shared our sobriety and those times were impactful, to say the least, we have been through a lot. Our different views may keep us from corresponding, I understand that, though I also choose not to protect you from the Love the LORD shown me and share that the Lord died for US so I live for Him.

I have drafted a reply. I’m still working through what I want to say to her and whether I want to say it.

I am immensely grateful to know many good people who do not frame their faith and belief as this particular woman (and oh, heartbreak, SO many others…) does.

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