Given the news about Troy Davis’ execution by the state of Georgia last night, I am putting my story about Christian rejection aside for today. I seem to have access to few words myself about Davis’ execution, other than to say that I know more clearly than I do other days that I am a pacifist. I will let a collection of quotes shared on facebook raise their voices here, to name much of what seems heavy in my own heart. The heaviness is both because of the murder of a possibly innocent man, and because of the desperate hypocrisy in which I think the death penalty as “ultimate justice” is rooted.

I’m probably breaking all kinds of rules about citation and privacy… oh well.

Jesus was a victim of capital punishment. Mike Morrell

Jesus was once asked for his support of the death penalty. His reply: “Let one who is without sin cast the first stone.” Hugh Hollowell

Georgia’s on my mind… Janine Weingarten

I’m wondering if Jesus ever just woke up so goddamned disgruntled that he got up and kicked at the disciples laying near him and said, “Come on, there are more people to tell. There’s more than desert and sheep and lust and greed and hate. There’s some kind of life beyond all this…and I’m going to find it.” Mary Andreolli

Georgia stood on principle, despite sufficient evidence that, at the very least, critical errors occurred during Troy Davis’ trial and conviction. The state stood on principle at the expense of a life. A life. And we wonder why our credibility has suffered worldwide. Amie Ravitz (a lawyer)

…and so we kill people, who (allegedly) kill people, to show people that killing is wrong. This is the height of insanity! Yvette Flunder

Only in the USA can you get away with being pro-war AND pro-death penalty and yet call yourself pro-life. Hugh Hollowell

Sad. Angry. Ashamed. We have killed innocent people before in the name of justice, and we will continue to do so until we demand and insist that we stop. Rest in peace, Troy Anthony Davis, child of God. David Lamotte

Having sat with families while their loved ones were executed and visited with them afterward, I’m convinced that if more people sat with those families, we would have no death penalty. Scott Bass

Because you can’t kill death with death, sow life and kill death with life. Julia Esquivel

Troy Davis’ last words, as reported by Associated Press: For those about to take my life, God have mercy on your souls. And may God bless your souls.

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