the perfect recipe…?

Food for thought:

  • Take the incredible idea of a King who loves me so much that He’d be willing to die for me…
  • In a culture that is structured around hierarchy and authority…
  • Add a sense of unworthiness and isolation (which seems almost inherent in western humanity)…

It’s a perfect recipe, no?

I feel unworthy, unlovable.  The work (therapy) to heal that, to grow up, can be far harder than surrendering to a belief system that:

1. validates me (paradoxically) by validating my sense of unworthiness (“depravity and sinful nature of mankind…”)

2. offers a savior; a way out; a way to be worthy, and right; a way to be better than my old self, and, by the way, better than others; a way to be accepted into the inner circle

I chose to rewrite all that in the “I” voice, aiming for integrity.  I don’t want anyone evangelizing me, and I’m not trying to reverse evangelize anyone out of their faith.  But as I puzzle over my own brief foray into evangelical Christianity, some pieces of the story — both my own small story and the larger Story — offer possible patterns.

The above recipe is one such possible pattern.

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5 Responses to the perfect recipe…?

  1. So I’m just going to hit “Like” on everything you write, ok? 🙂 Yeah. “Original Sin” is one of those tangential beliefs I let go of. At least the way I think most people understand it. You described the dynamic above really, really beautifully and succinctly. Thank you so much for your continued insight, vulnerability, and honesty.

  2. Mindy says:

    Totally unexpected gift. Thanks, Meghan!

  3. And- the words of Jesus can be read to describe a Way completely opposite to this- but that needs a view of the Bible as showing a growth in the understanding of God, rather than as static.

    • Mindy says:

      mmmm Yes. Yes! I suspect much has been lost or missed of all that the Jesus person offered by example and teaching. I grieve that many — both over the years and today — who embrace the label of Christianity seem to have actually closed the door to what was offered. Myself, I found that I needed to shed the label in order to be more open to it. I’m not at a place today where I can separate the bible from the religion in my mind/heart enough to read it, but I imagine that day will come.

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