lovely blogs ~ part 2.1

I’m back with (part of) part two of my Lovely Blog Award homework!  (See here for part one.)

The reason this is only part 2.1 is that as I wrote about the first few of my favorite blogs, I realized it would take me longer to write about them all than I’d expected, and I’ll need to do it in more than one sitting.

And so, for my first sitting’s fruit, I offer — in no particular order — a handful of blogs that I find lovely for a variety of reasons:


John Shore, “Trying God’s Patience Since 1958.”  John is a sharp, witty, absolutely fearless writer — he has a way of cutting right through all the fluff and saying it like it is.  His fierce advocacy for those currently being most misaligned by “the church” and the very active commenting community that has gathered around his blog have been greatly helpful to me.  I’m not drawn to John’s gentle but unwavering love for the God he has encountered (not because he is not gentle or unwavering or lovely in that love for his God, but because his is a Christian-centered faith and that is not where I want to be).  But I so appreciate his way with words, his humor and his heart.  Because of his fearlessness, I am lighter for reading his posts, even when they deal with injustice that makes my blood boil.


The Green Bough, Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s blog.  “If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.”  Oriah’s “The Invitation” has long spoken to me, challenging me to remain awake in this life, and to be willing to see where I am hiding behind fear.  I am grateful to have heard her speak, many moons ago now, and I would dearly love to attend a retreat led by her, but as I understand it, her health doesn’t offer room or energy for such any longer.

I only recently, to my great delight, discovered that she has a blog.  She posts every Wednesday, offering truly lovely windows into a world of promise and pain, fragility and strength.  For me, her posts serve sometimes as meditations, or writing prompts, or heart-inspirations… and sometimes all that and more.


Wingsprings.  I’m sad to not be able to include one of my very favorites, a blog that seems to have gone dark, the link to which has these past few weeks only offers the error message “MobileMe is CLOSED.”

Before it went dark, it was updated weekly, mostly with pictures about a place on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota called “Wingsprings.”  Dr. Craig Howe and others built Wingsprings, which houses the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies.  I got to hear him speak earlier this year, and I witnessed a Storytelling that unfolded quietly, slowly, naturally, powerfully of tribal histories, sacred places, and tragedy.

Dr. Howe, quoted:  “It’s a long legacy of Native spirituality in the United States of America being oppressed or repressed, and it’s a story that I just don’t think very many people know.  It’s imperative for those of us talking about it to bring that to light — not to dwell on it and not to blame anyone — but just so that we’re aware that this is in the legacy of our Nation.  A Nation that we think of as being as the land of religious freedom.”


LPDOC.  Before I wrap up 2.1, I am moved by Dr. Howe’s quote to share one more blog that I regularly watch.  Lovely doesn’t describe it.  Compelling, frustrating, grievous… those all come closer.  It’s a blog maintained by friends of Leonard Peltier, now wrongly (I am convinced) imprisoned by the US government since 1977.  See an older blog post of mine here for the story.  By the way, the book I talk about in the first paragraph of that post, that I remembered from my childhood but hadn’t been able to find since?  About six months later, for my birthday, my very lovely sister sent me that book.  Blew my mind.  Drew tears.

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3 Responses to lovely blogs ~ part 2.1

  1. Oriah Mountain Dreamer – I’d heard the name, but never had anything to connect it to. You’re right – what a lovely blog she has!

  2. Mindy says:

    😀 ~ next time you are down south this way, remind me to show you the print of The Invitation. We haven’t yet found the perfect spot for it (after we paint the bedroom it might appear).

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