lovely blogs ~ part 2.2

After a brief delay — for a nourishing visit with family and some amazing time on the water —  I’m back with the rest of my lovely blog assignment!  (See here for the introduction of the One Lovely Blog award, and here for part 2.1)

Today I’m sharing about blogs by folks I know. Consider 2.1 to be like the celebrity blogs, and 2.2 to be those even closer to my heart.  Here goes:


FairyBearConfessions.  My friend M writes anonymously, not because she’s afraid of what others might think of her beliefs, but because she is currently — and perhaps somewhat reluctantly these days — employed by the Dept of Education, and she desires the freedom to share without censoring for her job.  M’s blog resonates with the theme of Lost and Found.  She finds inspiration in new paths found through blocked ones; she says she has lost her youth (or so she thinks, young one!) but has found her voice.  And what a voice she has!  Creative, poetic, gutsy, articulate… if she were stranger rather than friend, hers would still be a blog worth subscribing to.

M is soon getting married, and is I think both distracted from writing and inspired to write by this prenuptial chapter in her life.  She and her fiance are both good friends, among the very few who openly stood by my partner and I — and continue to do so — when we were ousted from our church.  I consider the christian community lucky to still be held by them as homebase.  I am glad to call them friend.  (PS – her fiance gets honorable mention for his very new blog, found at notsoblindfaith.  Worth watching!)


Tinkering.  A lovely newish blog, with great potential.  I say that not just because I know the author and something of what’s in her mind, but because of the glimmers of gold she has let show so far in her writing.

This blog has lain fallow for some months because life lifted the author up in the air, upending some things and breathing life into others.  I’m delighted that she is turning again to it, feeding it with some attention and words.

Yes, the author is my partner.  <=}
And yes, that’s a photo of her as a little girl.  Hee! 

Revolution NYC.  While I no longer identify as a christian, some of my best friends still do!  :p

Valiant straight ally Jay Bakker, Reverand Vince Anderson and others get together every Sunday afternoon in a bar in Brooklyn and hold an irregular service.  For about a year, when we still lived in NYC, my partner and I attended somewhat regularly.  That gathering of folks of all stripes, Jay and Vince especially, embraced and held and healed us.  And we are delighted to every once in a while see one of them down south this-a-ways.  Podcasts and links can be found at their blog/website.


(or “deconstructing faith as I knew it“).

You know, for someone who no longer identifies as christian, I still follow a number of deceptively christian blogs!  Jacob’s is one such.

Jacob was a new friend who welcomed us to North Carolina.  We met one Sunday at that bar in Brooklyn when he came up north to share a bit of his story and spirit, and after we moved down south we joined up a few times with a group/book discussion he’d started in a local coffee shop.  He and his wife have found their way back to a “real” church, which I have my own opinions about and which I will keep to myself since it’s really none of my business!

Jacob is a fellow questioner, which is probably why I find him, and his blog!, to be so refreshing.  He desires dialogue, and is not afraid to engage in such with someone who disagrees mightily with him, even if they claim to have the full weight of the inerrant biblical Word of God behind them.  Jacob is not afraid of being accused of heresy but seeks truth and light where he finds it.

(Come to think of it, any blog with christian roots I still follow has that in common — it pushes that heresy envelope.  I like that.)


The Pleated Polka Dot.  This is Melissa, Jacob’s wife.  I have yet to meet her, or their children (they now have three).  But I enjoy her blog very much.  She writes about motherhood, love, crafts, faith and growing children, all with eyes open to the immense joy and possibility that fill seemingly everyday moments.

Between Jacob’s and Melissa’s blogs, it’s possible to be a virtual part of their family village, something I treasure.


Well, this has been fun, sharing about lovely blogs that I follow.  Thanks again to Clare Flourish and her very lovely blog for the One Lovely Blog award and the thoughtful, nourishing assignment that came with it!

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4 Responses to lovely blogs ~ part 2.2

  1. Aw, thank you sweetie! You’re right, I’m deplorably behind on blogging because of being stuck in spreadsheet purgatory for so long now, but the end is in sight! I promise to have my One Lovely Blog tribute post up soon (ish) 😀 And I will DEFINITELY be checking out a few new blogs now….

    • Mindy says:

      No thanks needed, it is a well-deserved award!
      And no pressure on either writing or reading!… I look forward to reading more from you when it’s there. I hope the next month is full of little joys. 🙂

  2. Jacob Beaver says:

    Thanks so much for this. Sorry it took me so
    Long to reply. I hope you and Sandy are doing well. It would great to catch up sometime and I think it’s time for you two to meet the rest of my family.

    Love u both,


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