Leonard Cohen whines in the late afternoon light
A few reds and golds cling
to the grey branches outside
Enough color to fill the senses,
at nature’s generous heart.

Rich aromas push out from the kitchen
in widening circles
My love is working her magic
with onions and squash
An afternoon “dinner” so luxurious
but for our current shelter,
a week of rest.

It takes three days
(they say) to slow down…
And we are in day 3.

Awake to no alarm, just
movies and
walks and
planning for dinner
Unrealistic to think we
could always
Live a life with this
gentle cycle.

Like fall, the season
where dying begins,
Such thoughts carry both
promise and heartache.

But I am grateful and full.

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2 Responses to rest

  1. This is you, where you are, at the moment of writing, with no time to polish- unless you wrote it last year- and you make it something universal- promise, heartache, grateful.

    Lovely to see you writing here again. How are things?

    • Mindy says:

      Thank you, Clare, you pegged the moment perfectly. In the moment, unpolished. I have missed writing here, and on other blogs… the week ended up offering no other writing times, and now it is over. I hope to find my way back here this weekend and regularly!

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