We are sitting out back on the deck
in the dark
looking up at the sky
where the clouds faintly glow
fullout racing.

storm cloudsWe have ringside seats.

North Carolina pinetrees… 4 stories tall… dancing,
reaching towards us and again away
shaking pinecones loose.

I am enthralled, entranced
thrilled to witness so closely this drama
to imagine rising on the wind.

I am also poised
ready to block any falling branches
before they hit my Sandy
or me.

The sound of the air
and of the pinetrees dancing
rises and roars
from the near horizon
racing towards us
like the clouds
louder still and almost howling.

It’s hard to remember a calm day when the trees stood still
and we had no fear sitting
on the deck under the trees.

The air is lifting around us
both heavy and effortlessly
our skin takes notice of the drop in temperature.

And it is time
to go inside, safe under roof
from debris and noise
to say goodbye.

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2 Responses to wild

  1. http://www3.amherst.edu/~rjyanco94/literature/alfrededwardhousman/poems/ashropshirelad/onwenlockedgethewoodsintrouble.html

    Lovely. I am there, with you.

    It was snowing here, yesterday, very unusual this late, and tiny patches of snow lie, north of the hedgerows, from last week. And it is beautifully sunny.

    • Mindy says:

      Ah – thank you. Housman captures both the sense of timelessness in such a storm and the immensity of the trees’ memory and very being.

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