About this blog:

I might have something to say and it might mean something to you.  It could be poetry one moment and prose the next.  It could be simply something that interests or puzzles me.  If you have landed here, Welcome.  Enjoy.

About me:

Almost middle aged, and lucky that my numerous grey hairs look like blond highlights.  (Nothing wrong with grey, mind you.)  Exuberantly enthusiastic.  Healthier in body than I used to be, thanks to my beloved partner Sandy who trained me at the gym and who loves to cook with vegetables.  Fiercely proud mother of a remarkable young woman currently at Wellesley College.  Far better at organizing others than myself… but aiming for self-care.  A closet therapist who measures friends in high quality if low in quantity.  Still admiring a dream of living in intentional community someday, although that door is likely behind me already in this life.  Aware of a need to gentle my criticism. Insatiably curious about lots of things, but mostly about God, and human nature, and truth.

An update to reflect my evolution since Sept 2011 when I first wrote the above:  I am still insatiably curious about human nature, and truth.  But I have found “God,” like “atheism,” to be a broadly used and thus oft-misunderstood (or mis-used) term.  I have come to reject all human-defined deities, and I include the Christian God in that group.  I still find religion to be a fascinating subject of inquiry (and I mean all religions, although it is still christianity with which I am most familiar).  I am not at all sure any benefit religion might offer is enough to outweigh the harm it wields.

About the banner photo:

Taken of the morning sun off our balcony in Chapel Hill.  We have since moved to the next-door town of Carrboro.  Some day I’ll get around to updating the banner with a photo of the sun off our deck!

7 Responses to About

  1. sandy says:

    This is wonderful, Mindy.

  2. 🙂 SO glad you’re blogging!! 🙂

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  4. Jonalyn Fincher says:

    I am glad you are blogging, too. You have goodness to share.

  5. Ralph Blair says:

    Thanks for your comments to Jonalyn and her readers at Soulation.

  6. Morelee says:

    Lost contact old friend but a mutual friend passed along this blog. Sounds like you’re ever-evolving & cool as ever. Good to hear you’re nurturing your soul. Glad you left the big city for mountains-good move! Still visit Iowa?

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