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what happened was…

What happened was, I went to the mountains.  I went to a Sun weekend retreat, something I’ve wanted to do for as many years, I think, as I’ve been a reader of the magazine. What happened was that I got … Continue reading

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another’s shoes

A friend of mine, who describes herself as progressive christian, a minister, and queer (among other things), recently entered into relationship with another woman.  This other woman was a pastor who was rejected by her christian denomination when she came … Continue reading

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Yesterday was our first BBQ day of the season. We’ve been gradually spending more time out back on the deck, under fewer layers each week.  No blankets at all yesterday, and warm enough to break out Sandy’s Weber! Today I’m … Continue reading

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reviewing holy terror

Mel White has written a compelling book — one that should give us all nightmares.  He writes to expose the long-term goals of the fundamentalist christian religious right, seeing part of the same evil story that Jeff Sharlet tells in … Continue reading

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We are sitting out back on the deck in the dark looking up at the sky where the clouds faintly glow fullout racing. We have ringside seats. North Carolina pinetrees… 4 stories tall… dancing, reaching towards us and again away … Continue reading

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starting a conversation

My friend Jane stars in a movie! My partner Sandy and I watched the entire 2012 GOP race–through the primaries, every debate, to the RNC and beyond.  It was like a soap opera.  Or a train wreck.  We couldn’t take … Continue reading

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. a letter in the mail unretrievable pregnant what chapter could it close? or birth? a dear one hurting unreachable chrysalis and just like the butterfly I cannot assist . layers and memories untamable promising how to embrace them safely … Continue reading

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