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reviewing holy terror

Mel White has written a compelling book — one that should give us all nightmares.  He writes to expose the long-term goals of the fundamentalist christian religious right, seeing part of the same evil story that Jeff Sharlet tells in … Continue reading

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starting a conversation

My friend Jane stars in a movie! My partner Sandy and I watched the entire 2012 GOP race–through the primaries, every debate, to the RNC and beyond.  It was like a soap opera.  Or a train wreck.  We couldn’t take … Continue reading

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. out.

Yesterday, for some reason (bored?), I found myself looking at my former church’s website, and I learned a few things that made me go “ouch.”  I learned that a friend of mine has joined their staff.  I also learned that … Continue reading

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once burned… finis

Coming back to my story about rejection from Christian friends (see here for part 1 and here for part 2), I will share that I did decide to reply to my friend. I have no illusions that I will be … Continue reading

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once burned, twice shy… and hopefully never bitter

I sure didn’t expect to come to the topic of rejection from Christian friends so soon on my new blog. But the topic came to me. An old friend found me on facebook last week. I was delighted to hear … Continue reading

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