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another’s shoes

A friend of mine, who describes herself as progressive christian, a minister, and queer (among other things), recently entered into relationship with another woman.  This other woman was a pastor who was rejected by her christian denomination when she came … Continue reading

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reviewing holy terror

Mel White has written a compelling book — one that should give us all nightmares.  He writes to expose the long-term goals of the fundamentalist christian religious right, seeing part of the same evil story that Jeff Sharlet tells in … Continue reading

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starting a conversation

My friend Jane stars in a movie! My partner Sandy and I watched the entire 2012 GOP race–through the primaries, every debate, to the RNC and beyond.  It was like a soap opera.  Or a train wreck.  We couldn’t take … Continue reading

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thin line

Where/when do we cross the line from tolerance (civility, “love”) to passively allowing oppression and injustice? Is there a difference between a christian’s motive to save my soul and my motive to stop the harm I believe their theology is … Continue reading

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the perfect recipe…?

Food for thought: Take the incredible idea of a King who loves me so much that He’d be willing to die for me… In a culture that is structured around hierarchy and authority… Add a sense of unworthiness and isolation … Continue reading

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. out.

Yesterday, for some reason (bored?), I found myself looking at my former church’s website, and I learned a few things that made me go “ouch.”  I learned that a friend of mine has joined their staff.  I also learned that … Continue reading

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